Healthy place. Go Green!

Assalamualaikum wbt 🙂

Hi, wassup? Hihi. Im pretty good. Last Sunday, my family and I went to Escape, Penang. Escape is family theme park with exciting and challenging activities. Escape was 1 of my favorite outdoor place. My lil brother enjoy became monkey on that day. Hahah. In future, there will be more and more interesting park such as Escape waterpark, Escape Hotel and so on. Penang is doing a great job. Go green! Even PSY come to Penang dy. Lol 😉


The Cafe


Go Ape


Tots Trail


Monkey Business

” Swing from tree to tree like a monkey, leap like Atan (the hero of the park), go ape on the rope walks, bounce down slopes on tubby racers, become a cave explorer, and even pan for treasure. It’s a world class tourism destination where you rub shoulders with everyone. And yet your experience will be unique.” – OnlyPenang

xoxo Ftn Ashfa

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